Region 5 CEO commends Malawi for hosting a successful tournament

Region 5 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Stanley Mtoya has heaped praise on Malawi for successfully hosting the just ended tournament.

Speaking to the media on Saturday to mark the end of the games, Mtoya commended Malawi for upgrading it’s infrastructure on time for the games.

He cited the magnificient Griffin Saenda Sports Complex and Aquatic Swimming Pool at Kamuzu Institute for sports as impressive.



“In terms of infrastructure development we have seen roads being upgraded towards the sporting areas,” explained Mtonya.

“Malawi has invested a lot in sports and from now onwards, Malawi can host any international sporting games.”

Through the hosting of this tournament, said Mtonya, Malawi has also gained economically.

He said through the games, the country has managed to address education, health, tourism as well as social economic issues.

As we went to press, Malawi had bagged 45 medals.

“The issue is not about how many gold earned. Malawi has also won alot through economic transformation,” he said.

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