Report reveals Embassy issued cheques before actual work

Aug 9, 2022

An investigative report into Nairobi Kenya Embassy during the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regime has revealed ernomous gruesome plunder of tax payers money.

Mark Bottoman : Read the report

Public Accounts Committee Chairperson Mark Bottoman who is the DPP Member of Parliament for Zomba Chisi presented the report in Parliament.

According to the report, the officials were paying contractors through cheques in advance without checking quality of work.

Reads the report: “Issuance of cheques in advance before appreciating the actual works done for which the payments were being made; and attempts to change the details of the bank account in Nairobi as well as attempts to sell the Malawi properties in Kenya.”

Other irregularities found at the embassy include irregular replacement of both the legal representatives and the estate agents, irregular appointment of both Lloyd Masika Limited and Kairu Mbuthia and Kiingati Advocates, failure to appoint an architect to oversee the rehabilitation works at the Chancery and the Official Residence and the issuance of progress reports on the works before the actual commencement of the works.

All was done as an attempt to swindle the hard earned tax payers money which DPP was doing.

The Committee observed that by highlighting the roles that were played by diverse players in the management of properties in Nairobi, the Committee had begun the process of holding these individuals and institutions accountable.

The Committee observed, however, that there remained further roles for other law enforcement agencies to play in ensuring that these individuals and institutions finally answer for their wrongful deeds.

“The Committee submits this Report and it recommendations to the House in the hope that, if adopted, it would help bring sanity and order in the way we manage public resources both within and outside Malawi,” reads the report in part.

The abuse of public funds in the embassies reached at a shameful pick during the DPP regime.

Money were being shared and abused like tomatoes in the embassies through over charging of contracts.

According to a similar report, Malawi office in UK spent millions of scares tax payers money just to trim hedges.

As that was not enough,  the Embassy officials hired contractors just to clean the flower beds, a job which an embassy gardener can do.

DPP is well known in abuse of public funds and what these people have been doing in embassies is a clear testimony regarding their behavior.

In the same vein the officials swindled millions of Government resources in engaging contractor to clean pavements,  remove trees and cut hedges.

“Apart from the Kenya case, an audit of Malawi Embassy Mission in London covering the years from 2014 to 2016 which was completed in December, 2016, revealed that the Mission engaged a contractor to cut and remove trees, trim hedges, dig flower beds in front and back, clean the pavements and skip hire at the Official Residence (Kwacha House) in June 2014 at a cost of GBP 970.00 without a formal contract,” reads the report on the UK mission.

When submitting the reports, PAC came out clear asking law enforcement agencies to deal with all who abused funds in the foreign missions as one way of supporting President Dr Lazarus Chakwera agenda of clearing the rubble.

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