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Rights body hits at Chizuma for failing to lead corruption fight

Sep 11, 2022

National Elections System Trust (NEST) Executive Director, Unandi Banda, has observed that the Anti Corruption Bureau under the tutelage of Martha Chizuma is slow and unprepared to fight corruption effectively.

He made the assertion in the “Tiuzeni Zoona” program on Zodiak Broadcasting Station where he said there are a lot of corruption cases which are still in courts, a situation that brings a lot of questions as to whether the country is moving forward in the fight against corruption.

“The ACB Director Martha Chizuma started well in the fight against corruption but now it looks like she has lost direction. Chizuma should not be the one putting much focus on giving out updates of cases, we believe this can be done by other people in her office. She should put much energy on strategizing on how to intesify the fight.

When a suspect has been arrested,we should be able to see progress up until the courts have delivered judgement, something that is not happening at the moment. You will hear that someone has been arrested and later given bail but no much progress is seen on the case,” said Banda.

He emphasized on the need to conclude corruption cases by ACB and the courts for people to have a clear picture of the fight against corruption in the country.

Banda also added that the current administration has shown commitment towards the fight against corruption by funding ACB with enough resources unlike the past regimes and what remains now is speedy conclusion of the cases.

He said the fight against corruption is not for one person or office only, it’s a collective responsibility and hence the need to work together as corruption might have a bearing on other sectors as well including on elections which is one major focus area for NEST.

“If the cases of those that might take part in the 2025 elections are not concluded till the time people will cast their vote, it will create tension. We want elections that will be accepted by all without any problems,” he added.

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