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Rule of law in motion as Chisale, nine others, have cases to answer

Sep 14, 2022

High Court Judge Chifundo Kachale has found Malawi Police Commissioner Evalista Chisale and ten other officers with a case to answer on the murder of Buleya Lule, who was aged 44 at his death in February 2019.

Chisale, wife to former President Peter Mutharika’s embattled bodyguard Norman Chisale, was accused alongside 12 others over Lule’s mysterious death while in police custody.

The Court has however acquitted, on all charges, three of the accused in the case.

They include Ronnex Kapesa, Robert Chaka and Derreck Mswati.

As it stands, Chisale and six of her co-accused will have to answer for a murder charge while the three others will have to navigate their way through the charge of causing grievous bodily harm for their freedom.

Lule, a suspect in the murder of a boy with albinism, mysteriously died while in police custody, a move that attracted some public outcry as some quarters suspecting foul play as the deceased was thought to be the key link in hunting down syndicates behind such abductions and killings.

It was widely believed that his death in custody, coming shortly before him presenting his testimony in a court of law, was induced to silence him from spewing the truth about the syndicate that many believed it involved some ‘powers that be’.

Earlier this year, Mutharika and one of his aides Hetherwick Ntaba were implicated by suspects in a similar scandal.

The case was to do with the death of yet another boy with albinism from Machinga District, 22-year old McDonald Masambuka.

The deceased died under mysterious circumstances, prompting Malawi Police Service agents to round up people they suspected of having a hand in Masambuka’s death.

Since the implications, done in Court during the trial of the case, Malawi Police Service (MPS) are onto criminal investigations into the alleged involvement of former president Mutharika and Ntaba; as requested by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Steven Kayuni.

Kayuni is said to have issued the order, addressed to the Inspector General of Police, in a letter dated July 1 2022 to have the implicated in the Masambuka case investigated following the said testimonies.

The DPP also based his order on Justice of Appeal Dorothy Nyakaunda Kamanga sentiments. Delivering her judgement then as High Court Judge, Nyakaunda Kamanga wondered why no investigations were undertaken to substantiate the said allegations

“In accordance with the law, the directorate is of the opinion that criminal investigations be instituted against the said allegations and references made by the High Court judgement,” Kayuni wrote.

When confronted for comment on the same, Mutharika remained jumpy, and instead, opted to divert attention in his response:

“I want to challenge Dr [Lazarus] Chakwera and his government to focus on decisively acting on their corruption scandals, the current economic crisis and begin to provide leadership to save Malawians, who are suffering from the rising cost of living, instead of wasting time labouring to destroy my name and reputation” said Mutharika, who is also leader of the ousted Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Chakwera has always reiterated that he will shield no one implicated in anything crimina, including his close allies in his attempts to realise a new Malawi based on the rule of law in his tenure.

The Chakwera-led Tonse Alliance government rose to power on the premise of the same, promising to abolish the lawlessness and impunity that seemingly had grown deep-rooted during the Mutharika era.

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