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SADC Parliamentary Forum to resolve energy problems – Chakwera

Jul 11, 2022


President Dr Lazarus Chakwera who is also SADC Chairperson says he believes that the 51st SADC parliamentary forum will find meaningful solutions to the energy problems that are rocking the SADC region for meaningful development.

He made the remarks during the official opening of the 51st plenary assembly of the SADC Parliamentary Forum on Monday at Bingu International Convention Center in Lilongwe.

Chakwera said the energy insecurity in the region is a threat to democracy hence the need for the region to consolidate the gains as a unit.

“We cannot progress when we are so stuck in reverse that a programme meant to electrify our people in rural areas only exerts more pressure on the national grid that’s already failing to meet present demands. It is my sincere hope that this PlenaryAssembly session will find meaningful solutions to the energy problems that are rocking our region”. He said.

Chakwera has also stressed the need to cultivate the much needed political will to advance the policies that are favorable to the citizenry.

“For example, on the issue of energy which is the overarching theme for this plenary Meeting, I wish to urge our national legislatures to ensure that they enact green energy responsive legislation, allocating adequate funding to mitigate the effects of climate change and also provide the necessary oversight over the energy sector”. He said.

He adds that learning institutions should focus on research on finding solutions on the use of fossil fuel to green energy.

“Our institutions of higher learning such as Universities and colleges, systems, and even our think-tanks must refocus their research and development lenses to inform our long overdue transition from overdependence on fossil fuels to green energy while maintaining our commitment to achieve zero carbon emissions in the near future”. Said Chakwera.

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