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Sameer Suleiman sweats in Parliament over K30Bn allegations

Nov 11, 2022

Sameer Suleman is on record to have alleged that unknown people swindled Ministry of Agriculture $30 million.

This allegation has been in all social media, papers and radios across the country.

Malawi laws under Penal Code 7:01 attracts 1 year imprisonment on mistakes of facts by its citizens and Nkhatabay South Legisture quoted this section and asked the co-chair and the committe to institute a special inquiry team on the matter and report to police to trace the source of Suleman’s tip source that he has mentioned before the committee to be from Agriculture by instituting call call log trace.

“I did not say that” Suleman claims, “but someone from Agriculture headquarters using a private number tipped me”, said Suleman before the Joint Committe.

Zikhale, Legislature for Nkhatabay, quoted the Penal Code and wanted Suleman to clear himself and tell the nation whether the $30 million was frauded or not .

Zikhale saw the matter to be criminal in nature for it is involving character assasination and meant to turnish government’s image and its leadership. Hon. Lowe has lost his image because of this and the source can’t be left free.

He asked Suleman to resign for misleading the nation on so many AIP matters.

Vice Chairperson on Agriculrure who works in the same committe with Suleman, Hon. Chilapondwa from Ntchisi South, openly rejected the story and distanced himself from the allegations Suleman has made. Chilapondwa said “we never discussed on AIP $30 million as stolen, he did that on his own and let me tell this honourable Joint Committee that the Agriculture Committee is not involved in this allegation at all.”

Hon. Chitatanga from Dowa North wanted to find out if Suleman is normal or not, “how can you come in this house before an honourable committee to mislead the nation that the rumour on AIP was a tip from an Agriculture officer. Why didn’t you investigate first before approaching the media?” and Hon. Chitatanga wanted to know how he knew that the fake story was from Agriculture. “Isnt this a plot to bring down the Tonse government?”, he asked.

Kasungu North North East Hon. Paul Nkhoma, also wanted to find out what made him not to have the zeal to know the person he was talking to and worked on hear say, “there is a gap of truth in this submission”, he said.

The Chairperson of the Joint Committee, Hon. Gladys Ganda of Nsanje Lalanje looked biased and defensive during the entire period she was moderating on the matter as she kept on answering on behalf of Suleman and she was busy correcting answers on behalf of Suleman.

The committe will decide on the way forward and the punishment they will give to Suleman for inflicting, destroying Tonse government’s image and reputation.

One of the members who refused to mention his name said, “I have a feeling that the co-chairperson, will down play and dilute the whole process for the mission to destroy Tonse Alliance, parliamentary positions have been flopped, Suleman will go scot-free, no punishment, for they all have the same mission of bringing down the government” end of quote.

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