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Snr Chief Mtwalo urges the youths to desist from immoral behaviors

Mar 28, 2022

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka:

Senior Chief Mtwalo of Mzimba has urged the youths to desist from all immoral behaviours and practice self control to fully participate in the development of this country.

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He was making the remarks on Sunday March 27,2022 at the Emqiseni Headquarters of Senior Chief Mpherembe in Mzimba after the tree planting exercise that was organized by the youths of Mzimba Heritage Association (Mzuzu Chapter).

Senior Chief Mtwalo told the gathering that for the youths to fully be productive citizens, they must desist from other practices which are harmful and unproductive that cannot help in the development of Malawi.

“What you are doing is so commendable and you are reminding us all about what is needed as far as regeneration of our forests is concerned. We, as chiefs and our subjects are ready to support the initiative as it is vital to everyone in different ways.” Said Mtwalo.

He then emphasized on the need to take care for the planted trees and those already existing, citing the arrest of seven people who were found destroying trees in his area as an example of strict measures to protect the forests from further destruction, adding that it is important to maintain the forests in this country.

In his remarks Senior Chief Mpherembe through his representative, Bentry Jere warned the youths against indulging in bad behaviors as they destroy their future and the entire nation.

“The youths are the future of the nation, hence a need to safeguard this future. Sometimes our youths do not see their future with visionary eyes. They indulge in excessive beer drinking, sexual behavior and other bad behaviours. This destructs the future of our youths and the nation, please desist for a better future.” Said Jere on behalf of Senior Chief Mpherembe.

Jere then commended the Youth Association for its plan to start bringing back to school all learners who dropped out of school for early marriages, saying the initiative is so commendable and receives full support from the chiefs of Mzimba.

Over 1,000 trees were planted during the exercise at Mpherembe in the area of Senior Chief Mpherembe, and Senior Chief Mtwalo was the guest of honor.

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