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Simbi Phiri for mechanisation type of farming 

Jan 30, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

South African based business mogul Simbi Phiri who is also Chairman of Khato Civils has encouraged farmers to graduate from hand hoe farming to mechanical. 

Speaking in an exclusive interview, on Times Tv , Simbi Phiri said Malawi need such kind of transformation. 

Simbi said tackling mechanical farming his year he is growing maize on 700 hector plot, all of it using state of the art technology.

Phiri said in USA the hoe is in Musium 100 years ago because its relevance expired.

Ministry of Agriculture spokesperson Gracian Lungu , agreed with Simbi saying Malawi Government is committed in ensuring that Malawi adopt mechanical farming to replace hoe. 

Lungu said the Ministry has received alot of proposals on the  same. 

“The Ministry is working with Ministry of Finance to jointly find a sustainable contractor on the same.” Said Lungu. 

Apart from tackiling mechanisation , Simbi also encouraged Malawi Government to do more on tourism development.

He gave the example of lake Malawi which he said is being abused. 

“Lake Malawi which is out national resource, is being abused because currently there’s very little investment there to attract high-end tourists that can cough more than 200 000 Rands in bills in a day.” Said 

Phiri who is also Khato civils Chairman Simbi Phiri said personally he will be happy if more is done to end corruption.

“Corruption must come to an end if this impoverished nation is to develop, country can not develop if government employees go to work to discuss how to plunder their nation  that is why I always say that development of this nation (Malawi) will require not just people with theoretical knowledge, But those with practical knowledge too.” He said.

About Simbi Phiri: The Malawi-born African businessman and investor, Simbi Phiri is currently in trends among the African Community. Simbi Phiri is currently working as the head of Khato Civils, which is a construction company committed to contributing to infrastructure development in the African continent. Khato Civils is currently a rising African giant in the construction and design field.

Simbi Phiri is a lso  renowned African Philanthropist, Businessman and Investor born in a small village in Malawi. Simbi was born in Nkhoma in Lilongwe Rural East. He was born to a Malawian father and his mother who was from Botswana. He is a true Malawian from Nkhoma in Lilongwe. He was grown up in Chembe before moving to Botswana with his father.

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