Social Media blantant lie on Martha Chizuma

Feb 2, 2023

Some renowned facebook and social media users are alleging and spreading false narrative that Malawi Government has interdicted Director General Martha Chizuma upon reports that she obtained warrant of arrest of some senior Government officials from the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

For the starters Chizuma was last year caught red handed discussing very sensitive matters on the telephone calls with an individual.

During the discussions, Chizuma vomited everything on her to do list and what she has accomplished already.

Chizuma openly diverged unprofessional conduct of some judges which angered the judiciary a thing against the ACB code of conduct.


It should be made clear that Chizuma is currently in court as seen in a letter dated 31 January, 2023 which Secretary to the Offfice of the President and Cabinet Madam Colleen Zamba wrote, confirming that indeed Chizuma is answering case number 236 of 2023 with two counts.

First making use of speech calculated to lower the authonity of a person before whom a judicial proceeding is being had, contrary to Section 113 (d) of the Penal Code ,Second Count: Making use of speech capable of prejudicing a person against a party to judicial proceedings, contrary to Section 113 (d) of the Penal Code,” Reads the letter in part.

These allegations constitute serious misconduct of a public officer and an Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) official in terms of section 49B of the Corrupt Practices (Amendment) Act 2004, Ant-Corruption Bureau Standing Order Numbers D/18 (2) and D/18 (9), Sections 4 (4.5); 6 (6.1); 6 (63) and 14 (14.1) of Code of Conduct and Ethical Behaviour of the Ant-Corruption Bureau, Maiawi Pubic Service Regulations (MPSR) 1:201 (6), 1201 (11).1201 (17) and 1:201 (19) and Contract Clause Articles I and 1 of your employment contract of 1 June 202.

In view of this, and in accordance with the Malawi Public Service Commission
Regulation 42 (3) as read with Regulation 40, she was interdicted from exercising the powers and functions of her office as Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (Grade 1/C) effective 31 January 2023, with full pay.

So this is the time to disgard all blantant lies and focus of issues without focusing on politics.

One thought on “Social Media blantant lie on Martha Chizuma”
  1. Why was she forgiven by the Head of State? Are underrating the powers of the Head of the State?

    In my opinion this is very quia. This is very sad! What was the intention of recording this sensitive information on phone call? Don’t you think it was a plot?

    I think this is dubia. We we say that we are fighting corruption yet we are also fighting against the ACB DIRECTOR is dubia. It is better to accept or not say anything about the fight against corruption.

    Otherwise it appears that corruption is deeply rooted in African culture. Worse still Malawi is no exceptional!
    We are left surprised as to why Malawi is poor and her economy is growing too slowly 🐌 the answer is corruption.

    We see Malawi 🇲🇼 struggling to raise some forex the answer is corruption. Very few individuals are selfishly amassing some dollars for themselves!!

    Ubwino wake nobody takes money 💰 into the grave. Mudzadzisiya basi anthu namakanganiranabe!!

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