Social media commentator Chiza Mkandawire takes swipe at Chizuma

A renowned social and political Commentator Chiza Mkandawire has sent a strong message to Malawians complaining the conduct of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma of siding with the international audience at the expense of prosecutions.

Writing on his Facebook page, Mkandawire said Chizuma should stop embarrassing herself and the organization using common arrests. Mkandawire advises Chizuma that when she makes arrests she should not inform Malawians through the press statements because the usual thing is that they will come out few hours or days on court bail.

“We know you are just playing to the international audience; we know you have a weak spine to prosecute these cases, we know you are just ceremonial,” reads Mkandawire’s post.

Mkandawire accuse Chizuma of protecting the corrupt.

“Am sorry Martha but you took this position not to tackle corruption but to protect the corrupt by feeding Malawians staged arrests, your institution is weak, ineffective and itself mired in corruption,” said Mkandawire.

Mkandawire further says Malawians are very serious people to keep entertaining the charade of fake arrests.

“Martha Chizuma I want to help you stop embarrassing yourself and your organisation. From now onwards, when you arrest politicians on corrupt charges do not inform the nation, because we know how that is going to end,” adds Mkandawire.

In another post Mkandawire bemoans that it is sad that the woman who is entrusted with arresting corrupt people in Malawi has really failed even to prosecute one.

“So far she has failed to convict even one,” he said.

In May this year, President Lazarus Chakwera said he was dismayed that despite calling for a report from ACB no one mentioned in the report has been interviewed to have their side of their story heard and clear themselves.

He said it is these principles of justice that make civilized society, and that no one can sacrifice them in the name of anger and anguish.

He said one of those principles is that every citizen has a constitutional right to defend themselves against an accuser, and at this point, none of these individuals have been charged by any court where they can answer for themselves.

Said Chakwera: “A whole week has passed since the allegations against them were reported, yet investigators have not even seen the need or urgency to interview them. A third principle of justice is that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty of a charge tendered in a credible court of law, and at this point, no court in Malawi has charged these individuals of any crime.”

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