Social media rant at Govt Motor cycle picture carrying Chibuku beer

Aug 20, 2022

A call has been made that controlling officers should discipline the user of the Motorcycle MG 153 AN for abusing Government property.

A photo has gone viral of the Motorcycle questioning the reason behind the abuse of the Motorcycle amid economic measures put in place.

As that was not enough, there was an Ambulance which was also spotted being abused. The Ambulance was seen loading Chibuku beer all the way to the tarven.

After the picture had gone viral, Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda said her Ministry will investigate the Ambulance and discipline the one abusing it.

It has become a habit for these Government drivers to be abusing Government property.

Most drivers are seen at Upper Biwi and Lower Biwi parking Government vehicles drinking the cold one.

At Petroda Biwi Triangle , most drivers are seen taking unauthorised passengers matola going to Blantyre.

More Lilongwe residents say that most Government vehicles are also seen selling fuel by inserting a pipe commonly known as njoka.

These Government Drivers should know that they are public servants and that they are accountable to the general public.

The Government Motorcycles and vehicles which they are abusing are funded by through tax payers money.

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