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Sodom FC wins Tigwirane Manja Bonanza

Dec 30, 2021

By Judgement Katika – Malawi Exclusive

Tigwirane Manja Organization (TIMAO) makes the youth Happy and productive during the festive season. The Bonanza was sponsored by Joseph Chasweka

There were activities such as Football and Netball which Sodom Football club won by penalties and Super queens won 10 baskets.

TIMAO executive director Joseph Chasweka said the bonanza was very important because they have helped to save the lives of the youths from other bad things which they would have done amidst of the festive season.

He said : “As you know this bonanza is under the umbrella of TIMAO and one of the objective is to empower the youth , so this is just the beginning we are planning to have a lot of bonanzas as you heard in my speech that what I offered is annually bonanza, but also I have extended my offer when need is there, so that the organizers of football they can approach me, we can have another bonanza after three months, so as TIMAO we are excited that we have achieved what we want them to achieve.”

In his remarks former mayor of the city of Lilongwe who is also the councilor of Chilinde 1 ward Julian Kaduya hailed TIMAO for organizing the event saying most of the time people think football bonanzas are supposed to be done by government or politicians and she urged people who have got that part of helping boys and girls to do the same.

She said; ” Being a person who stays at this area and who knows the problem of this area, that’s why he has that heart of helping our boys and girls , match especially that they have done this in my ward am very happy.”

On her part Director of netball in the Ministry of sports who was the former coach and player of the Malawi netball national team Mary Waya said she had seen the talent that was upon to be seen at location saying she knows that they have greater players in the nation team and those players comes from the community and schools.

“And here is the holiday time and we know that girls and boys were to be found at school, there are here at the community, that’s why we have organize this bonanza for them to be active not to be sleeping or doing other things but to be playing sports that they love, so that we can find the good talent that Malawi can use,” she said

TIMAO youth football bonanza has cost almost K500, 000 it started on 22nd December , the finals were on Tuesday 28th December and the final match were played at Chilinde primary school ground, the Soldom football club won the bonanza after beating Villah football club through penalties 9-8 after 0 – 0 draw in normal time and they went away with k64,000 and a trophy while Villah went away with K30,000 for being the runners up.

The coaches from all teams give thanks to Joseph Chasweka and Tigwirane Manja Organization for sponsoring such a wonderful Bonanza and beg them to continue making the youth Happy and productive.

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