SPC Zamba tells PSs, no to lakeshore meetings 

Aug 8, 2022

Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba says it is unfortunate that despite announcing critical measures against lakeshore resort meetings, some Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) continues taking their meetings to the Lake.

Addressing the Principal Secretaries meetings at Malawi Institute of Management (MIM) in the capital city Lilongwe, Zamba said even donors should be made awaere of this and abide by the current policy.

Zamba said the above measures is to ensure that Government is prudently using the available resources.

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera in June this year, announced 15 point austerity measures plan aimed at making sure that resources are well taken care of.

Among the measures,  external travels were banned apart from the few essential ones after permission from the SPC.

Other measures include slashing by 20 percent of fuel allocated to ministers, reduction to three international trips by government officials and restricting four meetings per year for all boards of government institutions.

In line with the presidential directive in June, Government banned all lake-shore meetings for civil servants.

Zamba made the announcement on June 8 during her first meeting with Principal Secretaries in various government Ministries and Departments in Lilongwe.

Zamba said meetings should be held within duty stations and that board meetings for parastatals must be held in the boardrooms.

She further said meetings in Mponera for government offices based in Lilongwe have been banned.

“No government institution or parastatal is permitted to conduct meetings in Mponela, Mangochi or Salima,” Zamba said.

She said this is in addition to other austerity measures on government spending announced by president Chakwera.

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