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State House Media Briefings not Meant for Politics

Jul 4, 2022

By Cedric Nkungula – Malawi Exclusive

State House media briefings are not meant for politics but rather a platform to keep Malawians informed and encouraged about the progress that President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera is making on the things that he promised before attaining power.

State House Head of Communications and Executive Assistant to the president Sean Kampondeni made the remarks when he addressed journalists at Kamuzu Palace on Monday during the second quarter of State House brief this year which also concided with Chakwera’s two year stay in power.

Kampondeni said the objective of the briefings is to keep Malawians abreast of what the Chakwera lead administration is doing on the ground to avoid the tendency of twisting up issues.

“The State House briefs exist for one reason to keep Malawians informed and encouraged about the progress that the president has made on the things he promised. We live in the age of disinformation and misinformation, age of innuendo, age of propaganda and it is very easy for people to consume things that are actually false,” Kampondeni emphasized.

“There is alot of discouragement out there. This platform exist for the Malawian people to get encouraged, to show them the progress so that they can be encouraged by it.”

Kampondeni explained that the briefs are not meant to talk politics because politics can best be handled by politicians in political parties.

“Infact we even refuse to talk about politics and if you can review the press briefs that we have done in the past, several members of the press try to get us to comment on politics, we always refer them to political parties because we want Malawians to be informed about the progress that the president is making on things he promised to do for the Malawian people,” he said.

Kampondeni also expressed concern over sensationalism reporting by some media outlets in the country.

During the briefing, State House showcased various developmental projects that have and continue to done by the Tonse Administration during the past two years.

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