Stroke Support Organization (SSO) says stroke still claiming lives

May 5, 2022

By Bertha Chirwa- Malawi Exclusive

Stroke Support Organization says the economic impact of stroke in the country is huge as it continues to affect those that are active including the young ones.

The revelations comes as the month of May was designated as stroke awareness month with risk factors and signs awareness as the main areas of focus.

Executive Secretary for Stroke Support Organization Dr George Chimatiro said the current status of stroke is that the country continues to register high cases although there are no clear figures of those down with the condition.

“Currently it is hard to say specific number of people who are down with stroke but there are many. For example Queen Elizabeth Central hospital do admit quite a substantial number of people every month. If you look at national incidence, it’s really on the high side.

Of importance of course is the fact that in Malawi, recently indicate that stroke is affecting the younger ones. People who are productive, who are going to the office. Economic impact of stroke is huge in the country such as malawi”. Said Dr Chimatiro.

Chimatiro further said that the worrying thing is that people don’t know the risk factors of stroke or the signs making it difficult to seek medical attention in good time.

“The current status of stroke in malawi is that it’s rising interms of incidence. Many people are falling victims of stroke and the worrying element of all this is that people don’t know the risk factors and signs. The problem of this is that we can be living life as usual as if everything is okay. If we talk of risk factors we are looking at potential causes of stroke for example being obese, having hypertension and also other chronic conditions like diabetes.

It’s important that Malawians should know the signs and symptoms because that is the only way that can help them seek medical attention and receive treatment in good time”. He added.

And as part of the awareness month, Stroke Support Organization has lined up a number of activities including blood pressure checks, cholesterol testing, diabetes screening, health promotion activities that include presentations and fliers on causes of stroke, diatery advice and group physical activities.

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