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Tadikila is not alone as Police arrest five more

Nov 25, 2022

By Bertha Chirwa- Malawi Exclusive

Malawi Police have arrested five more people  in connection to the death of 30 suspected victims of human trafficking exhumed from a mass grave in Mtangatanga forest in Mzimba district on 18 November, 2022, the Malawi Police Service has confirmed.

In a statement signed by it’s Public Relations Officer Peter Kalaya dated 25 November 2022, the five include Tadikira Mafubza Mutharika.

“All the suspects have already been charged and will appear in court in the afternoon of Friday, 25 November 2022 in Lilongwe where they will answer murder, human trafficking and other related charges”. Reads the statement

Kalaya through the statement adds that the collected evidence connects all the five suspects to the case and points to the role each one played and has since impounded two vehicles in connection to the case.

“The impounded vehicles are a Scania Van belonging to Tadikira Mafubza Mutharika believed to have carried the suspected migrants and a Toyota Sienta that was used by the masterminders”. Adds the statement.
Currently, police are still investigating the matter to arrest other suspects who are at large and has also reviewed that a preliminary autopsy report on the dead bodies reveals that the victims died due to suffocation.

One thought on “Tadikila is not alone as Police arrest five more”
  1. No wonder muthalika family were the first to release statement of hate towards government to divert people’s attention.amafuna tizida ena koma akudziwa kuti anapha anthuwa ndiwo.ine I don’t believe kuti anthuwa ndi ma foreigners,I cought statement ya namalomba,kuti anthuwa atha kukhala amalawi,on this I agree with him, anthuwa ndi amalawi, and namalomba akufunika afotokoze chifukwa onse a DPP,motsogozedwa ndi namalomba ali ndi crew that will lead us who these people were. May be akabaza from different angles of Malawi, their aim was to play dirty politics with chakwera.they didn’t know he is anointed one.it has backfired.

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