Tea Growers wants subsidised farm inputs 

Oct 21, 2021

By Malawi Exclusive 

National Smallholder Tea Growers Association President Prince Pendame has called upon Government to consider extending farm input sibsidies to Tea farmers as well

In an exclusive interview Pendame , said tea sector plays bigger role for the growth of the economy. 

He said currently the main challenge remains Fertilizer inputs which he said are expensive making farmers not to realise profit. He said another challenge is low and stagination tea prices.   

“We are also lacking some funds to build and run NSTGA  offices since currently mobility of NSTGA execuctive members is a problem for fully functional operatialisation because we need to have    min- factories to enable farmer to sale value added tea product and for easy traceability of the commodity,” he said.

NSTGA is the umbrella body which looks after all tea associations and cooperatives. The total number of farmers in all associations is 18,500.

According to the chair the Association is planning to expand to Nkhatabay if farmers around Kawalazi Tea Estate can also be growing tea once government assist NSTGA to accomplish the mission.   

In June 2021, Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe toured the farmers in Thyolo where they held discussions.   

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