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Teeth Savers International Bails Out 200 Disaster Survivors

Mar 20, 2022

By judgement katika

Teeth Savers International on Saturday, donated maize flour to over 200 flood survivors in Salima District.

The organisation’s Country Director Fred Sambani said they felt compelled to assist the disaster survivors in Salima on realising that most support is going to the affected people in Lower shire very little to the Lakeshore district which was also hit hard by floods caused by cyclone Ana.

According to Sambani their organisation a humanitarian institution felted duty bound to come in and assist with the food aid after consulting the parliamentarian for Salima Northwest constituency Enock Phale who is also deputy minister of Health.

“We are a humanitarian organisation with a special focus on promotion of oral hygiene, when we heard about floods in most districts across the country more especially in the Southern Region and also we heard about Salima, that is why we thought we can make at least a small contribution in form of food hence the donation today,” said Sambani.

Deputy minister of Health who is also member of Parliament for Salima Northwest constituency Enock Phale whose constituents have received the donation commended Teeth Savers for the donation saying saying this is a big relief to the affected households.

“People have lost property, they have lost food and some their houses so I felt like reaching out to some well wishers to come in and assist with food items like the maize flour they have received today from our partner Teeth Savers International so that while they are attending to other issues at least for food they can have something to cook,” Phale said.

Desk officer for Disaster and relief for Salima District council Moses Kaufulu said over 1000 households were affected by the disaster in form of floods in Salima Northwest constituency and hailed the deputy minister who is the parliamentarian and also the Teeth Savers international for responding to the need for food assistance.

“We are overwhelmed, this is the first donation to come to Salima Northwest constituency to people affected by the tropical cyclone Ana, we are grateful to Teeth Savers for the donation of maize flour.” Kaufulu said.

A beneficiary Maria Bizayi who lost property and his maize field was also washed away has since appealed to well wisher to help them with cassava stems and also want to plant sweet potatoes, while suggesting a starter up capital would also be ideal so they can do small businesses for recovery.

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