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That awkward moment when Mutharika campaign for Kabambe

Mar 22, 2023

I don't know if people are able to read between the lines, Peter Mutharika's motive of visiting affected areas. Here is a man who even during his time as the country's Head of State he used to abandon his people when they need him most.

You cant expect this person at 83 years old to transform into a latter day good Samaritan all of a sudden.

By now everyone knows that Mutharika becomes available only when the things he avails himself to becomes convenient to him.

This is actually the reason you have seen Mutharika in the disaster affected areas. If there was no convention this year and him being an interested party he could not have stepped out of his house.

Obviously, the DPP leader has not been there to comfort the disaster survivors but to mock their wisdom by turning their suffering into his politucal capital.

The end game for the visits to places he has been to like Ndirande is to sell his preferred candidate Dalitso Kabambe (his alleged nephew) ahead of the July convention.

Ironically, Kabambe has been a constant present in all the places Mutharika has been to.

So as he has been heaping praises on Kabambe as the one possessing the requisite attributes to become a better party leader and the country’s President, Mutharika has been indirectly demonising Nankhumwa in a manner of disparaging language.

Mutharika’s dislike of Nankhumwa is not ordinary, it stems from the fact that he (Nankhumwa) is a hot prospect for the leadership of the DPP

This far, everyone can agree that even Nankhumwa does not possess what it takes to become the country’s Head of State but looking at the calibre of people vying for the DPP leadership, Nankhumwa looks the only hope just for the sake of keeping what is left of the party at least for the foreseeble future before it extinct for good.

Nankhumwa commands huge following than all the candidates vying for the DPP presidency put together (Kabambe inclusive) and if the ground are to be levelled at the said convention, will win comfortably

This is more reason one cannot entirely play down the speculations emanating from DPP ranks and files that the said July convention will not really be an open elective conference as per democratic dictates but it will just be a mere coronation.

Rumours are growing in the DPP that its settled that Mutharika will pair Dalitso Kabambe and Alfred Gangata at the 2025 election.

But this will prove to costly to the party as the candidature do not exude confidence and if that happen, it will be a walkover for MCP.

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