The moment of truth- Chakwera’s decisions silence his critics

Jan 20, 2023

In case people have not noticed, it seems that President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s well-thought decisions on the Twea Commission have silenced his critics.

There has been a noticeable difference in the manner people have reacted to President Chakwera’s three decision of firing Steve Kayuni as Director of Public Prosecution, maintaining Ms.Martha Chizuma as the Director of ACB and referring the fate of the concerned police officers to the Malawi Police Service Commission.

It has been two days now since Presidence Chakwera delivered a National Address bordering on the decisions taken since President Chakwera addressed the nation and made those decisions, even social media critics have failed to spot a fault in the decisions made. Even Chizuma’s apologists are quite except the usual suspect Joshua Chisa Mbele who always relishes at any opportunity to remain relevant.

One thing, critics of President Chakwera were expecting was that in the event of Chizuma’s removal they should pounce on him as they have always done since he became the Head of State.

The fact that President Chakwera maintained Chizuma despite the Commission’s recommendations that he should take “appropriate” action on her explains how independ President is when making desisions and it is wrong for someone like Mbele to insinuate that President Chakwera intended to fire Ms.Chizuma but changed his mind and delegated the task of her removal to Heads of Departments [whatever that means].

Writing on his Facebook page Mbele said: “The President wanted to fire Martha today but has changed his narrative and given the task to the Head of Department. Martha is still on knife-edge.”

Mbele meeds to be reminded that the President is an appointing authority on positions of Chizuma’s type. He has the powers to fire and hire anyone as per the powers conferred on him by the Malawi constitution.

Ordinarily I would have thought Mbele had nothing of substance to say on President Chakwera’s decisions but knowing Mbele he doesnt mind writing monsense even if it means making sense to himself.

This can only mean one thing that President Chakwera’s decisions has really humbled his critics. Imagine up to the time of writing this, Shadreck Nalomba had not authored his usual long winding nonsensical on behalf of his sinking party (DPP).

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