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The “power hungry’’ Mutharika takes his lies to VOA

Jul 9, 2022

News has it that former president Peter Mutharika will face the Voice of America (VOA) this weekend where he is expected to comment on issues happening in the Malawi. As much as the former state President and the current leader of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is at liberty to speak to any media outlet is it not too early for a man who ran this country to the ground to face the international Press?

Common sense would have demanded the former President to stay away from the domestic affairs and continue nursing the wounds he suffered from the 2020 defeat while Malawians are also healing from the pains he inflicted on them.

But it is understandable because common sense is not common at all. Common sense can elude men of book like him sometimes, no wonder during his time as the State President he almost plunged this country into paralysis. Thanks to Malawians who took matters in their own hands and showed him the exit door from the comfort of power.

But even if he has the right to speak to the any media house of choice does he think he has the moral ground to comment on issues affecting Malawians?

I know people will give him an ear but our only assurance to the country is that his voice lacks credibility.

This is the man who presided over the broken and dysfunction system characterized by deep-rooted infrastructure of corruption in the country.

This is man who run a cartel that scavenged on the Malawi economy and almost bled it to death.

Does the former President think that Malawians are so forgetful to forget that his administration forced the Reserve Bank to cook up figures to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)?

Will he speak this and at least give an apology for the mess he left behind?

Is this not the same man who abused his Tax Payers Pin to import cement worth K5 billion which was way beyond his entitlement as the State President?

Isn’t the who is taking a political establishment which was once upon a time regarded as the “power house” because of his weak leadership. Of what use will his opinion be to this country after leaving such disgraceful legacy?

This country has never enjoyed the freedom of expression and freedom of Press as guaranteed by the Republican Constitution any time since we attained independence and the former President can his right within that context but if the truth is to be, told the former President until could have done himself a favour by leaving the stage and continue the wealth he dubiously amassed than reminding Malawians of the pain he subjected then for years.

When Jews were contemplating on going back to Egypt than enduring tribulations in the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land, they did so because there were some good things in captivity worth remembering, the same can be said about the DPP administration as there is nothing to remember about them than pain.

People will surely give an ear to what he will say but they will do so because the interview is one of those tick-way time events

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