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The untold story of UDF and DPP syndicate that choked ADMARC

Sep 6, 2022

There are disturbing reports from ADMARC which suggest that for the past twenty-six years the parastatal was ran by a syndicate dating to the UDF rule then it was made worse during DPP regime.

According to inside sources, ADMARC has nearly been choked to death because of years of financial mismanagement orchestrated by politicians for the past twenty-six years when the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) was out of power.

The investigation has revealed that under the UDF, ADMARC was infiltrated by party ruffians called Young Democrats. In those days, the notorious Young Democrats were synonymous with raining terror on innocent people opposing President Bakili Muluzi but until now we never knew that UDF planted those cadres in different strategic positions and were used as conduit to syphon funds from different government agencies, departments and parastatal including the grain trader and as per the report there were many in numbers at ADMARC.

The trend continued during the DPP when the party too planted Cadets or Ana a Adad under the guise of the system which has been discovered to be the deep lying syndicate used to loot funds to sponsor political activities.
Reports further reveals that there has been growing resistance by staff and management to several measures of reforms aimed at reviving the parastatal. The report has uncovered the shocking revelation that K6 billion kwacha has not been counted for and no one has an explanation on how the money was used.

The report reads: “Over 6 billion has vanished without a trace, when board took an interest, staff including management became hostile against accountability. They even resorted to hiding information.”

Now after years of mismanagement, abuse and rip off at ADMARC, life seems to be restored as the new board is spearheading the restructuring process. As expected some people who were politically recruited by the previous administrations will be scrutinized and there will be some casualties in the process.

This is a standard practice of the restructuring process. As usual those affected will cry foul or will claim political persecution, but this is the necessary step if ADMARC is to restore its lost glory.

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