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Timothy Mtambo to establish Commission for national unity

Mar 13, 2022

By judgement katika – Contributor

Minister of National Unity Timothy Mtambo says his ministry will soon establish the Malawi peace and Unity Commission in all districts in the country which its aim is fostering peace and unity policy in the country, if the Unity bill will be adopted.

The Minister told parliament that once the peace and unity bill established in July 2020 in the house, there has been some progress in the ministry such as safeguarding peace in the country as well as facilitating the peace and unity bill.

He said once the bill will be adopted into law, it will place malawi amongst proactive country that are leadi g National Institutions for the use of non-violente means of preventing,managing and resolving conflicts at National and Country level.

” I am pleased to say that the bill honorable members of parliament will assist the nation for the Bill to be taken into law, and we do not wait for to go out of hand before we address it.”

He further recommended the United Nations Development Program for the support of the Bill.

The Bill is expected to strengthen legal andpolicy framework for dialogue, addressing political patronage, patriomanialism and political tension.

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