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Traditional Leaders Implored to Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision

May 31, 2022

By Judgement Katika- Contributor

Ministry of Health has implored on traditional and religious leaders in the country to work together with the ministry in advancing the Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision(VMMC) as one way of reducing the spread of HIV.

Deputy minister in the ministry Enoch Phale made the call on Wednesday at Namasalima in Zomba saying if the country is to make significant strides in the fight against HIV, there is need for traditional and the public to embrace interventions put forward.

Phale cleared fears by some community members where circumcision is already practiced that it will affect tradition saying the community leaders and health officials will agree on how to go about it.

“We must have community ownership, of the program that is why we want all the get keepers and stakeholders, like traditional leaders, religious leaders, the youths, women and political leaders to get involved, if we are to win this fight against HIV then we don’t have to leave anyone behind.” Said Phale.

Group village Headman Mpezeni from the area of Senior Chief Malemya whose subjects are among some selected people attending a training on Community led Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision has welcomed the program saying this will help on safety of the boys.

“We had fears that this will affect our tradition, but having being told of our role and that except for the operation but other processes remain, we are relieved and geared to support the initiative.” GVH Mpezeni said.

The involvement of community members in VMMC has been introduced to ensure sustainability of the program as the ‘angaliba’ will be working hand in hand with the health centre team according to Namasalima health centre in-charge Robert Kampota.

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