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Ugandan Opposition Leader in Malawi on a tour of duty

Mar 23, 2022

By Judgement Katika- Contributor

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament and DPP Vice President for the South Hon Kondwani Nankhumwa on Tuesday hosted his Ugandan Counterpart Mathews Mpuuga and his delegation at the Parliament building in Lilongwe.

Mpuuga, the National Unity Platform Vice President for Uganda’s Central region; a Party led by Mr Bobi Wine is in the country on a two day official visit.

Addressing the delegation, Nankhumwa observed that Uganda and Malawi shared alot in common;politically, socially and culturally, therefore a need for the two countries to enhance their relations and exchange ideas that will see both countries developing, politically as well as economically.

Nankhumwa further applauded the Ugandan Opposition delegation for initiating this step of growing relations between the two countries.

On his part, the Ugandan opposition leader applauded Nankhumwa for steering an opposition block which is very much focused and democratically matured.

He concluded by pledging his support towards the strengthening of ties between the two opposition parties.

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