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UK NGO Hope for a Child handover clean water in Dowa

Jan 31, 2022

Malawi Exclusive

UK based NGO Hope for a child says clean water remains key to sustainable social and economic development of any country.

Tom Herring Hope for a Child Chief executive officer was speaking in Dowa when he symbolically handed clean water in Dowa at Chinyama Village.

The CEO said people who drink clean water do not fall sick any how.

He said only health people can take part in Development effort of countries such as engaging themselves in business activities.

“We are urging the community to take care this water project here in Dowa.” He said.

He said there is no need to spend money in repairing broken pipes but rather its good to spend cash in ensuring that more people have access to clean water.

Rhema has so far drilled more than 20 Boreholes and mounted a multimillion Kwacha piped water project at Dowa Turn off.

Hope for a Child is implementing its projects in Malawi through Rhema Institute for Development an NGO based in Dowa.

Innocent Semu is Executive Director for Rhema.
“We are very thankful to Hope for a Child for all the project they are doing in Malawi including water and sanitation. These projects are crucial for our development in line with sustainable development Goals.” He said.

Semu said for a long time people in Dowa have been drinking contaminated water together with livestock.

Semu said for the first time in this country, people will be using water credit cards provided to draw water from the taps in their homes and water kiosks put up at Dowa turn off.

“This is technology at its best because we can switch off the tap while at the office and monitor water levels using laptops and phones, is this is courtesy of Hope for a Child ” He said.

Hope for a Child pursue a dream by collaborating with small,
local development organisations in Malawi, in south eastern Africa, to identify and address the biggest challenges for children in the communities in which they work.

Hope for a Child believe that when one nation is transformed, the impact on surrounding countries is vast.

Hope mission over the next 10 years is that
Malawi would become an example to other countries, offering answers and support to those struggling with similar issues.

Hope for Child projects centre around 4 key areas, which are in line with the UN Sustainable Development goals, and
priorities identified by the government of Malawi. 4 key areas: Livelihoods & Economic Empowerment Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Education Gender Equality.

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