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UN Chief Antonio Guterres calls on World leaders to find solutions to Global crisis  

Sep 21, 2022

By Lisa  Kadango Malango – Mana

World leaders are gathering in the United States of America New York for the 77th session of the United General Assembly since the start of the pandemic.

Speaking during the 77th Session of the United Nations General assembly the United Nations General Secretary Antonio Guterres outlined several issues of Covid-19 pandemic, effects of war in Ukraine and rising of price goods globally.

He said the war in Ukraine has impacted the energy market saying fossil fuel companies benefit from rising prices and has called on countries to impose taxes.

On Covid-19 pandemic Guterres said for the past two years UNGA meetings has been disrupted and a lot of things suffer on the way.

The Assembly will focus on many challenges with which leaders are now contending, the flowing impact of rising food prices.

He warns the UN General Assembly that the world is in peril and geopolitical divides are undermining international law and trust institutions.

Guterres said the world leaders should have no illusions about global challenges saying already there is tension over Covid protocols.

He stressed that global food insecurity is a priority on the agenda of this year’s session hence the need for world leaders to participate fully.

‘’we cannot go on like this, we have a duty to act as leaders, lets create change for a better together, I am demanding for collective action, solutions on challenges the world is facing now.’’ Said Guterres.

Guterres identified three areas where he said world leaders should come together and discuss particularly issues to do with Climate Change, Peace and security and also addressing inequality in developing countries.

He adds that the War in Ukraine has unleashed widespread destruction with massive violations on issues to do with Human rights.

He strongly condemned Russia for violating the UN Charter and called for investigations into the potential crimes against humanity in Ukraine.

On Climate change Guterres accused the Fossil fuel industry for feasting on billion of dollars in subsides and windfall profits and called on industrialised countries to issue additional levies to assist vulnerable nations facing the damages of climate.

He urged the develop countries to redirect profits to counties suffering loss and damage caused by the climate crisis and to people struggling with rising cost of energy and food prices.

He further called on banks to facilitate financial assistance for developing countries by lifting borrowing condition and consider their debt relief to enable them to recover.

Guterres emphasise on challenges faced by developing countries that includes food insecurity, effects of Covid pandemic, debt and poverty, unemployment rate among others.

Last year the Annual gathering was held virtually with leaders Malawi included and other events highlighted at the UN headquarters are scheduled for bilateral meetings with world leaders and heads of UN institutions.

President Lazarus Chakwera is among the 193 world leaders attending the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly and he is expected to address the conference on Thursday,22 September this week.


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