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Undule hits at Mutharika, calls him greedy

Sep 14, 2022

Governance and Human Rights Expert Undule Mwakasungula has trashed the call by former president Peter Mutharika for the incumbent president Lazarus Chakwera to resign and pave way for a caretaker government while also calling for elections in 90 days.

In a statement on 14 September 2022, Mwakasungula said the call is out of order and dangerous adding that calling for elections outside democratic benchmarks is likely calling for national chaos.

“We all agree that the country is going through socio-economic challenges, no argument about that. But we must avoid taking advantage of the current situation to advance personal political agendas at the expense of millions of Malawians suffering,” said Mwakasungula.

Reads the statement: “We must leave politics at some point and focus on jointly working together regardless of our political affiliation and differences.

“The call by the former President does not carry the banner of a statesman who must accept that he had his time as President and now its time for others.”

Mwakasungula said as a statesman, the former President must show maturity and help the current government to address the socio-economic challenges rather than looking for an opportunity to go back to State House.

He emphasized that what Malawi needs is patriotism and unity for it move forward.

“What we need is patriotism, perseverance, sacrifice, love and unity to help our country get out of these challenges. Name calling and accusations will just create more national chaos and confusion,” he said.

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