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UNICAF graduates 350 student

Aug 3, 2022


UNICAF University graduates 350 students from different countries.

The graduation which was colorful attracted different actors in the country, include minister of Education Angels NyaLonje who recommends the job well done by UNICAF, by providing education through on line.

Speaking during the ceremony NyaLonje said e-learning is a game changer in education sector, in which it has been shown during the COVID-19 period, and UNICAF represents a future on how education should be.

She said education online is possible, and government is in the process of implementing it.

“We are in the process of introducing the advanced technology in education sector.
As government we understand that the world is changing and we need to increase leaners through e-learning, in which it requires a lot of facilities such as computers and phones.”

She further said government is in the process of introducing radio education which will be providing education programs by the end of the year.

On his part, Vice Chancellor for UNICAF Malawi, the University is happy for providing good education across Africa.

“we are indeed happy for providing masters and degrees to our students in which last year we failed to provide graduation virtually due to the COVID Pandemic.”

Professor Joseph Kuthemba Mwale who is UNICAF University vice Chancellor said it is his aim to see many in the country to have degrees because e-learning is cheaper than the other.

“For UNICAF this is a great success because, we have achieved our goal for producing qualified and expertee people with all the expertees areas of positions, and choice and for the country, people who are needed are there to develop the country.

Among the 350 graduates 44 students from different countries such as Zambia,Cameroon, Zimbabwe, South Africa,Zaire and Just mention a few.

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