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UTM fallout:Chilima deserted, media team disbands

Sep 21, 2022

There is trouble in the UTM as some trusted lieutenants and cronies have revolted against the party President Saulos Chilima over some unfulfilled financial promises.

Leading the fallout are leading members of UTM and the media team who are fuming over upaid allowances for their contribution to the public relations functions of the party.

This comes hours after news broke out that spouse of Vice President will blow an estimated K311 million of taxpayer’s money to finance her medical expenses in South Africa.

To understand how grave the fallout is, some of the disgruntled individuals are the ones who at their prime could jump at the command of their master (Chilima) without asking why but submitting by saying “how high must I jump”

Leading the revolt is John Capstone who wrote on his Facebook page that they have defended UTM’s mediocrity for a long time but not anymore.

He said: “Tools down.No need for UTM media!.We have defended mediocrity for yearq now its time to make a stand.UTM leaders are selfish from the top.”

Another foot soldier within the ranks of UTM Aubi Jackson who has been an integral part of UTM brand visibility since UTM’s inception, declared that media team which they championed has been disolved.

“Tools down.UTM media team dissolved. Chipani chosayamika ichi.Enough is enough” he said.

Another one, Stain Malikebu who before this incident was one of defenders of Chilima and could go to any length defending his masters is also fed up with Chilima’s conduct. He says he can’t take it anymore and he will not be defending the party leadership anymore.

He said: “Until further notice.Downing tools”

The story of UTM media team cannot be complete without the name of Enock Henderson.Like his friends Henderson has seen enough of UTM’s abuse of loyalty and he says its either they are paid or they will walk away.

“Loyalty has to be serviced.Tools down.”

The falling out in UTM is hardly surpring as it was expected. It was a matter of when as there have been stories of using Chilima using people his own benefit.

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