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UTM Kalindo faces expulsion from the party for insulting Government 

Nov 15, 2021

By Malawi Exclusive 

United Transformation Movement’s (UTM) Director of Youth, Bon Kalindo has become talk of the town, partly from a controversially negative angle, for his weirdly scathing attacks through camera against the state president, Dr Lazarus Chakwera and his vice, Dr Saulos Chilima. Kalindo who  uses a stage name Winiko, has gone further planning to facilitate demonstrations against the the current administration, highlighting several reasons behind such a move, some of them seemingly personal in nature. 

Mr Kalindo, who is claims to be fighting for the betterment of Malawians,  bemoaned the high cost of living resulting from high commodity prices especially essential ones. As rightly noted by UTM through its Publicity Secretary, some of the concerns being raised might be true but the manner in which they have been presented is highly wanting, they remain outliers to the domain of the values of UTM as a political entity. Kalindo’s behaviour is tantamount to abuse of his freedom of speech.

In distancing itself from Kalindo’s gibberish outbursts against the first citizen and his vice, UTM Publicity Secretary neatly packaged his message of disassociation and admonishment. Here is one of the quotes from UTM’s communique;

“We wish therefore to categorically state that the sentiments made by Hon. Kalindo were his own views and have nothing whatsoever to do with UTM, whose position on any matter is communicated by the Publicity Secretary.”

Based on Kalindo’s verbal charge through some media outlets, one can’t rule out the possibility that he is satisfying personal agenda contrary to his claims that he is fighting for the voiceless. Kalindo openly told Malawians that he is saddened that he has been sidelined in   crucial appointments by the current leadership except board membership of Malawi Housing Corporation. The views expressed by Kalindo epitomises popular belief that he is fighting for his own benefits and not that of the citizens. Kalindo simply wants to fool some few gullible souls to participate in the fight aimed at achieving his personal interests.

Contrary to Kalindo’s plans, a certain youth group under the banner Mind of Youth and Development (MOYD) plans to get an injunction restraining embattled comedian from implementating his plan, urguing that he is merely advancing his own agenda.

Bravo UTM leadership for proving to Malawians that it is not party to such evil plans. 

There are many better ways of venting frustration, Kalindo’s one is surely missing on such an inventory. Whoever is in league with him, if any, they have to reconsider their approach.

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