• November 29, 2022 4:54 pm

Veteran Human rights Activist Unandi Banda calls for Chizuma resignation

National Electoral Systems Trust (NEST) has called for the resignation of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma for gross incompetence.

In a statement released on Wednesday signed by the NEST Executive Director Unandi Banda, Chizuma is being commended for the effort made but Banda said unfortunately the efforts are not yielding results.

“NEST Is troubled with the lack of proper strategy by Director Chizuma in fighting corruption as she has relied on creating fear across the board.

The ACB has resorted to wanton arrests that yield nothing more than a single court appearance followed by deafening silence,” he said.

Banda said to make matters worse, her recent report to His Excellency the State President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera on corruption suspects was rightly labeled as half-baked.

“True to that labeling the ACB has failed to undertake proper procedures to either prosecute or clear those it mentioned as wrongdoers. What this has done is destroying livelihoods of those mentioned as they continue to face social and economic sidelining by society,” reads the statement in part.

Banda further said NEST has also recently learnt with shock that files of some cases have gone missing.

Said Banda: “This is in reference to the investigation on UTM’s 44 cars that are alleged to have been procured using corruption proceeds.

“Having sensitive files missing from a place with proper security systems raises questions over the credibility of leadership at that particular institution.”

Based on the foregoing, NEST has demanded that Martha Chizuma resigns from her position as Anti-Corruption Bureau Director General to allow the institution proceed with the fight in a manner that is professional, legal, moral and effective.

NEST has also asked relevant authorities including Office of President and Cabinet and Pariliament to intervene by forcing her to exit using laid out procedures in an event that she fails to voluntary resign.

Said Banda: “NEST appreciates the efforts Chizuma and ACB continues to put into the fight. However, those efforts have proved to be less effective in the past 18 months, a situation that casts serious doubts on whether the Director General is the right person to continue with the course at this moment.”

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