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War on corruption is the way to go but xenophobic attacks on Asian Community must be condemned

Mar 6, 2022

By Thoko Luhanga

The co-existence chronicles of Malawian people earned her a name on world stage for ages – a beacon of peace in Africa.

For handfuls jacking up for what others would prefer to call it in modern language, does not necessarily mean gloves off abondoning immortalised motto of peace and unity amongst ourselves that have been imaging us so well as “warm heart of Africa”.

To listing a less, the advent of digital era, that has soften our social interactions within our boundaries, should not deny us a rich enjoyment of our long standing norms of unity and peace enshrined in our hearts.

As we celebrate social media movers – who shape views and opinions on other equally pertinent matters – we should not run short of them by scrutinizing their activism.

Not all that sniffs good has good taste buds as some influencers may want us to believe.

Lets us take this frenzy of labelling entire community criminals just because one or two misguided fellas have been caught stealing in broad day light.

For starters, lets ask ourselves tough questions over the genesis of corruption. How it started and people involved and later deal with it.

As a country We cannot crucify entire community just because of the two or three misguided citizens.

A case in point is that of the Asian community. There has been outbursts and to some extent hate speeches targeted towards them.

The bone of contention is the arrest of some Malawians of Asian origin namely Ashok Nair, Karim Batatawala and others are now facing corruption and theft charges.

Billion dollar question is; Do we really need to reach the point of gavarnising ourselves to red star all in the name of against impunity? Let us not striff off our proud brand ‘peace loving nation’ unless west comes to the east.

These individuals contribute immensely towards development of the country. Thousands upon thousands are being fed or assisted through their initiatives such as employment for instance.

Where are you standing on peace and unity of our great nation or are you losing it ?

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