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Wasting time with Chizuma

Feb 15, 2023

One understands why a decision was taken to drop all charges Police proffered against ACB Director General Martha Chizuma after two honourable citizens in the name of former Director of Public Prosecutions Dr Steven Kayuni and High Court Judge Simeon Mdeza complained after she slandered them in a leaked audio with a friend.


The various elements in government that include new Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Masauko Chimkakala and Secretary to the President and Cabinet Coleen Zamba are simply being cowed into submission for the sake of peace after so much pressure exerted by Western donors to this country led by American Ambassador David Young.

But the larger question we must ask ourselves is what happens after this forced truce? To be specific what happens to the fight against corruption that this country needs so much.
What is at play here is clearly a fight of over inflated egos high of which is of Chizuma herself. But the fight against corruption is not about massaging somebody’s ego as the donors are doing.

It is about collective efforts by all elements of the state. Chizuma has burnt all her bridges except those of donors and her supporters on Social Media from whom she gets orders from.
She has created enemies everywhere because of her abrasive approach to the job and it is affecting the fight on the ground.

Chizuma’s supporters can say anything they like but there is nothing that she can point at as her success as far as this fight is concerned.
The simple questions they must answer are as follows: Which big fish has Chizuma locked up as a result of corruption? How much sovereign wealth has Chizuma recovered as a result of her efforts to fight the corruption. It is zero in absolute terms.

The only win is in the imagination of her supporters such as Stanley Onjezani Kenani, Idrissa Nasser, Professor Danwood Chirwa and even Professor Garton Kamchedzera.
Her other win is that she has managed to dupe foreign missions led by the US Ambassador to think that out of 18 million Malawians, Chizuma is the only one that can fight corruption singlehandedly which is one fat blue lie.

There are so many capable hands out there who can do the job without causing much fuss but with the results that this country so badly needs.

The American Ambassador has on account of Martha Chizuma shamelessly thrown out of the window all diplomatic etiquette and went about giving interviews to all who cared to listen, demonizing government and President Lazarus Chakwera openly for no apparent reason.

Sadly, some Malawians were clapping hands for this and scoffing at the idea of our sovereignty and independence. They seem to have no problems in getting orders from a white man in this day and age over 50 years after we said no to colonialism and Western imperialism no matter what form it came into being.
In reality, after everything is said and concluded, Martha Chizuma is a waste of time. She is in office to please donors and not to fight corruption.

In reality government is just trying to buy time and will not renew her contract when it expires because she has done enough damage to this nation’s name and reputation without any results on the ground.

She is full of hot air and just plays to the gallery.

One thought on “Wasting time with Chizuma”
  1. To be frank Martha Chizuma doesn’t deliver. The ACB office is too big for her. Moreover, she is too childish as evidenced by the leaked audio which was a breach of her oath she took. She also spoke blatantly in Kasungu last year when we were commemorating the world anticorruption day. She vomited all those words against her own boss who appointed her. That’s not too professional. She hasn’t managed to lock any big fishes todate but too much noise as if she is doing the needful. I totally don’t support her style of working. She is a failure.

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