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WEF places Malawi part of solutions to global challenges-Chakwera

May 21, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

Malawi President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has said that the World Economic Forum (WEF) places Malawi to be counted as a player in an attempt to find solutions to global challenges.

Speaking at Kamuzu International Airport on his WEF summit and later two AU meetings, Chakwera said African leaders will be at the summit to champion a resilient continent.

“We want to champion a resilient Africa and seek support for the same so that we have an Africa, not a dependent, but that can be counted as a player in a world that face challenges,” said Chakwera.

The WEF is scheduled to take place Davos, Switzerland and commences on Saturday, May 21 to Wednesday May 25 next week.

A press statement, released late on Thursday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Chakwera is attending the Forum in view of the economic challenges the country is currently facing, exacerbated by various global factors that require multilateral solutions*

Among others, the statement cited the Covid-19 pandemic, climate-induced disasters, and the Russia-Ukraine War as some of the key causes for a global economic turmoil.

“Especially in low-income and vulnerable economies like the Least Developwd Countries (LDCs) and the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) that are both chaired by Chakwera. This explains the invitation where the President will join other world leaders in charting a path towards equitable and fair global economic recovery,” reads part of the statement.

The President will return back home on Sunday, May 29 as he is also expected to pass through Malabo in Equatorial Guinea on African Union (AU) duties.

Chakwera will attend the AU’s 15th Extraordinary Summit Meeting on Humanitarian Matters and Pledging as well as the 16th Extraordinary Summit Meeting on Terrorism and Unconstitutional Changes of Government.

Commenting on the two AU meetings, Chakwera said: “Malawi as a member of SADC, as a member of AU, and as a member of the global community, and as leaders we need to talk to each other to map ways on how we can best strengthen our democratic systems and on how we can work together to meet the humanitarian crisis that bedevils us.”

Apart from discussing the challenges facing the region, the meetings are further expected to discuss and develop resource mobilisation strategies for addressing those challenges.

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