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Western education has produced no impact for Malawi

Mar 6, 2022

Malawians have been memorizing parts of grasshopper and Capital cities of Africa and the world

By Vincent Gunde

Malawi has for years been encouraging its children to go to school, to be highly educated and to be trusted in the making of important decisions for their lives and government.

For 58 years of independence, Malawi has graduated many Doctors and Professors on theories, none has invented something or making a pill to be used in the country’s health facilities, when they fall sick, they go to Pharmacies and not traditional doctors.

Malawians have a belief that only educated people are the best leaders on the land, this mentality is what has destroyed Malawi for 58 years, corruption, bribery, fraud and looting of public resources, people of high intellectuals are the ones leading it.

Since colonial era up to recent regimes Malawi has been turned into a milking cow by the educated people enriching themselves at the expense of the poor.

Malawi is being labeled poor by the politicians not because the country was created poor but politicians are the ones that have made the country poor, Malawi has everything to be rich more than other countries in the SADC region.

Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo pressure group and Pioneer of Mindset Change project, Bantu Saunders Jumah, said western education has produced no impact for Malawi as a nation saying for 58 years, Malawians have been memorizing parts of grasshopper and Capital cities of Africa and the world.

Jumah said Malawians have been going to school with the aim of getting employment and not to employ themselves saying western education has made many youth to be unemployed and has contributed to poverty.

He said on a sad note Covid-19 pandemic has come to close those companies which Malawians were hoping that after school, they will be employed saying this is a clear indication that western education has produced no impact to Malawi.

Juma said Malawi besides having many Doctors and Professors history has proved for itself that Malawians go to school not for the development of the country but to stay idle in their home waiting to be employed somewhere.

“In other countries, for one to be a Doctor and Professor, invent something as a support to one’s educational qualifications, none of the Doctors and Professors in Malawi can stand to claim that he has invented a wheelbarrow or a loan mower,” said Jumah.

He said Malawians are being made Branch managers, staying in company houses, moving’ in company cars, they are proud to be bosses while employed wishing the country to change its educational syllabus that enough is enough with western education.

Jumah said today, educated people are not educated at all, they are all ignorance, they are only respecting shadows saying western education has not produced any impact to Malawi as a nation case in point, is the huge unemployment rate.

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