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Which master is RA Board serving by continuing business with Chinese Companies

Apr 15, 2022

“The rubble includes corruption, which has left taxes in ruins; laziness, which has left infrastructure in ruins; passivism, which has left people’s rights in ruin, donor dependency, regionalism, impunity, negativity, unprofessionalism and incompetence.”

By Linda Kwanjana-Senior Business Analyst

On Wednesday Malawians were greeted by a video of young people mocking half baked job by Chinese Companies all under the watch of Roads Authority Board of Directors and Management.

Government pays huge sums of money to have these contracts running, only to see them doing substandard works.

Memories are fresh on how Malawians already suffered in the hands of DPP. They have been subjected to various social ills, at the hands of the DPP Cadets.

RA has demonstrated that they have no interests of serving Malawians at all considering their action in policy direction

A case in point is the sabotaging of Government business in public service.

More so, what is happening at the Roads Authority (RA). The continous awarding of contracts to Chinese Companies does not only smell filth, but also retrogressive. The RA, at least taken from this perspective, are serving another master and not Malawians.

When everyone had welcomed their nomination into the board by the powers that be, surely they can not be this dumb so to sell the country some dummy when we needed, at least, some signs that there ready to do something different. But nay, it seems like the board is like sheep when they were primarily ravenous wolves in sheepskins. That’s deception.

For sure, Malawi can not go on losing public funds through dubious deals and claims. We ought to have stopped and changed for the better by now.

If you think it is people from the Lower Shire alone who are disgruntled over the recent development, those along the Embangweni Road Project now have little reasons to keep faith in Chinese Companies.

The board continues to award contracts to Chinese Companies at a time when results from elsewhere by the same suggest otherwise.

The Chinese Contractors themselves are mostly engaged in abusing human rights of their workers and the communities around their projects. Apart from the fact that even their works are seemingly on trial and error basis, the human rights abuse claims alone were enough reason for the contractors to wave Malawi goodbye; the RA inclusive.

Malawi was disintegrated for the last 26 years and this purulent behaviour as shown by China company is retrogressive and not inline with Hi- 5 Agenda. Malawians demand that this tainted behaviour as be snipped from its own budding stage.

Why is RA continuing with awarding contracts to China Company and yet the same Company failed to deliver miserably in Nsanje. Roads were melted like soap in a cap of water and yet the same Company has been awarded a multi billion Railway Contracts really? This can best be described moldering, polluted infected and mephitic.

This RA Board and Management should be investigated for awarding these contracts to China and yet the same company miserably failed to accomplish similar tasks before.

Otherwise, the honourable thing one does when found incompetent in a workplace and inconsistent to the common cause, the just resign!

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