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Woman 26 arrested for sleeping with a minor 

Nov 21, 2021

Malawi Exclusive

Police in Kenya have arrested a Precious Taye 26, for allegedly having sex with a 13 year old boy.

The Woman has since told the investigators that she did not know If he was a minor, and Court has released her on bail.

Taye has a reason to smile, this is after the High Court agreed to give her an opportunity to go for a bail as she had earlier requested. 

When it was discovered that she had committed the deed with a minor who was still enrolled in school, the young woman was arrested and transferred to jail.

First, she tried to get a bail from the court, but her pleas were rejected. Fortunately, she was able to get $10,000 bail the second time around.

Because of his well-built physique and impressive height, her lawyer, Moses Nyatsoma, argued that her client had no right to suspect the boy was only 13 years old. 

He also cited her demeanor throughout the hearing as evidence in support of his position. Despite precious claims the 13 years old boy first contacted her and asked her to come over and only intended to engage in act with him, the High Court judge determined the case based on the facts given.

She told court they reached agreement and performed her duty for the money the little boy paid her . according to the prosecution. This raises doubts about whether she knew the boy was a grown up or not. 

The trial of Precious Taye has been postponed until November 30th. She insists she didn’t force the boy. What are kids of nowadays turning into and who do you blame the girl or the boy. 

If you were parent of this little boy how will you handle the case. Do you think this lady should be jailed?

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