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Zamba says first task to align Civil Service with Chakwera’s vision

Jun 3, 2022

Malawi Exclusive

The newly sworn in Secretary to President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba has said her first task and priority as the head of the Civil Service is to align public service delivery to the development vision of President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera.

Zamba was speaking in an interview on Monday at the Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, soon after being sworn in into office.

“One main thing I’m looking at is the alignment of the civil service to the vision of the administration of creating jobs, wealth creation and food security. There is no any vision that can be delivered without a civil service because that’s the centre nerve of the whole delivery mechanism of a vision and my main task is to make sure that the alignment is taking place through the senior management of the civil service and make sure there is optimal use of resources both human and financial,” said Zamba.

During a media briefing on Tuesday night, President Dr Chakwera announced that he has redeployed Zangazanga Chikhosi who was the then SPC and has since replaced him with Zamba who, until her appointment, was head of the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU).

After the swearing in ceremony, Dr Chakwera underlined the need for an effective Civil Service if the country is to achieve meaningful development. However, the President said for the Civil Service to be effective, the country needs an SPC who is courageous and results oriented.

“The Secretary to the President and Cabinet is instrumental to the implementation of Government policies and presidential programmes across the public sector, as well as the efficient and professional delivery of public services to Malawians by the Civil Service. Additionally, the SPC supports and advises the President in the management and security of strategic sectors of the economy, ensuring that none are left at the mercy of cartels driven by selfish interests that keep Malawians poor and exploited,” said Chakwera.

Dr Chakwera emphasises that to be an SPC is an enormous task and position of public trust that requires a person of great courage, because the office bearer is tasked with changing a culture that many want to keep the same.

“This office requires a person of great humility, because you are tasked with ensuring that the outcome of all your actions is improved service to Malawians, even if it means becoming unpopular with those who are satisfied with delivering poor service to Malawians. It requires a person of great honesty, because you are tasked with telling public servants truths they do not want to hear and confronting wrongs in the public sector,” said the President.

Chakwera added that he has the belief that the new SPC has all the qualities of leadership ready to transform Malawi’s Civil Service. Zamba becomes Malawi’s only second SPC after Hawa Ndilowe who served during the Joyce Banda administration and she will be deputised by Janet Banda.

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